Ep 228: Things About IVF You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know

If you are about to start an IVF cycle this podcast episode is for you. We discuss the inside scoop about a few things you might not be prepared for before, during, and after your IVF cycle. Join Dr. Carrie Bedient from The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Dr. Abby Eblen from Nashville Fertility Center and Dr. Susan Hudson from Texas Fertility Center to discuss what you should know before you start your cycle. We discuss the emotional aspects and the challenges you face with surging hormones. Injections are always important, and we mention a few tips and tricks. You will learn about symptoms that aren’t concerning and symptoms that warrant a call to your doctor. Finally, we discuss how you feel as you come off the hormones and when you can expect to get back to your normal self. Join us for this interesting discussion.

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