Ep 209: The Nitty Gritty on Failed IVF Cycles: Protocols, Additional Testing and More!

IVF cycles offer enough challenges without the added drama of a cycle that fails to create a pregnancy.  Join Dr. Carrie Bedient from The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Dr. Abby Eblen from Nashville Fertility Center and Dr. Susan Hudson from Texas Fertility Center as they dissect real-world IVF cycles and potential changes to protocols that may help patients. The fabulous listeners submitted a ton of questions that illustrate potential points of change within a given IVF cycle. The doctors touch on the subtleties of protocols using different types and doses of gonadotropins. They review pretreatment techniques and nuances of different medications to alternately suppress or slingshot hormone levels to greatness. And of course, not everything in a failed IVF cycle is due to the IVF itself – questions of uterine abnormalities, aberrant hormone levels like prolactin, potential causes of recurrent implantation failure and the influence of embryo grading all receive in-depth commentary on different approaches to management. Listen in as we evaluate and offer suggestions on how to improve your next cycle!

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