Ep 171: A Firm Foundation—Talking With Dr. Bruce Lessey About a Test That Provides Hope for Women Who Have Implantation Failures

Bruce Lessey, MD, PhD of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

Women who have repeatedly experienced implantation failure, recurrent pregnancy loss and miscarriages have reason to hope. Join Dr. Carrie Bedient from The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Dr. Abby Eblen from Nashville Fertility Center and Dr. Susan Hudson from Texas Fertility Center as they chat with Dr. Bruce Lessey about ReceptivaDX™, a revolutionary fertility test that is recommended for situations where IVF doesn’t yield results despite favorable circumstances. He explains how endometrial biopsy analysis can help determine whether women have endometriosis and which steps to take next to help them have a successful pregnancy. We also talk about Lupron suppression treatment and new tests that may be coming to improve implantation outcomes.